Slavery Unveiled

What is Slavery Unveiled? 

Slavery Unveiled is a project birthed from our desire to ignite empathy by exploring slavery’s impact on today’s culture.  For nearly a year, our family has been traveling around the United States, following historical journeys to more deeply understand and appreciate the struggles and successes of the generations before us.   We are currently visiting significant historical sites around the United States to unearth the difficult truths of American slavery.

Our intinerary includes:

  • The Whitney Plantation near New Orleans, LA.
  • The Legacy Museum and Lynching Memorial in Montgomery, AL.

    Joe and Izzy discuss lynching
    Joe and Izzy discuss what they are learning at the Terror Lynching Memorial in Montgomery, AL.
  • The Old Slave Mart in Charleston, SC, .
  • The Stagville Plantation in Durham, NC, which employed over 900 slaves on 30,000 acres at its peak.
  • Walking the Richmond Slave Trail in Richmond, VA.
  • The National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington, D.C.
  • Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia, where abolitionist John Brown led a slave revolt.
  • Visiting the Home of Harriet Tubman in upstate New York.
  • The National Underground Railroad Freedom Center in Cincinnati, OH.
  • The Slave Haven Underground Railroad Museum in Memphis, TN.
  • And many more….

How Can I Get Involved?

Doing Life Deliberately is all about teaching our kids to embrace the adventure of life-long learning.  But this learning journey is unique.  It is not only about learning our nation’s history, but about connecting yesterday’s events to today’s culture.  Only a few weeks into this journey, we are beginning to understand how attitudes, rationalizations, and injustices developed in our history and persist in today’s culture.  These truths are too important to keep to ourselves!  But in order to effectively share this powerful video series, we need your help:

  • we need prayer- for God to guide our steps, direct us to where He wants us to go and what He wants us to see.  Click HERE to receive prayer requests, updates on new video releases and news of the Slavery Unveiled project.
  • we need to raise $70,000 to cover current production costs, institutional fees, equipment, advertising, and marketing expenses.  Click HERE to learn more and donate to our crowdfunding campaign on
  • we need ambassadors- partners who will share this project with others and host viewing parties when the project is released publicly in the fall of 2019.  Click HERE to let us know that you want to help us promote Slavery Unveiled.


whitney plantation statuesThank you for your support and encouragement!  Our prayer is that Slavery Unveiled will touch the lives of many and be a tool used for reconciliation and unity in the days ahead.