In the “Homeschool How-To’s” video series, I will show you a day in the life of our homeschool and share why we made the choice to home educate.  I’ll share with you how we approach many homeschool basics: how to lesson plan, how to schedule your classes, how to teach certain subjects, how to set up and organize your homeschool classroom, and even how to avoid burnout! Click HERE to view out the Homeschool How-To’s Playlist.

In the “Questions on Curriculum” Series, I give you tools to guide you through the process of the selecting the curriculum that will best suit your family.  We’ll talk about how to find your state’s homeschool requirements, where to find homeschool curriculum, and I’ll even give you curriculum reviews and tell you what has worked best for our family.

Click HERE to watch the “Questions on Curriculum” series.

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