joe-and-trisha2.jpgDoing Life Deliberately was born out of our faith in Jesus Christ!  Both Joe and Trisha came to a saving faith in Jesus Christ the summer of 1996.  Long before we knew each other, God was working in our hearts, stirring up a desire to know the meaning of life.  While working in separate theater troupes in different parts of the country, the Lord used his faithful followers to share their testimonies with us: explaining the problem of sin that plagues all of humanity, and the solution to sin- the sacrificial death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, who died in our place to pay for our sins.  Both of our hearts were transformed and a mission was born- to go wherever the Lord said to go, and do whatever the Lord said to do.

DSCF7059Over the last two decades, God has brought us together and set us on a grand adventure: marriage, parenting, church planting, international missions, homeschooling…. And now we are stepping out in faith again, downsizing our suburban home to live full time in an RV and travel the country.  We are eager to learn through experience, see God’s creation, meet new people, and try new things.

We look forward to sharing God’s Word, spiritual growth resources, and lessons that He is teaching us. We are so excited to hear how God is at work in your life, too!  Please consider joining the DLD Tribe so that we can get to know your story and hear how God is at work in your life!  Doing Life Deliberately is for His glory and for our edification.

We are so delighted to be Doing Life Deliberately with YOU!!

~Joe and Trisha