Today we traveled to Boom Creek to visit the students at Living Word elementary school. This was our church’s second time visiting this jungle village of about 100 people. About 40 students attend the school, grades K-8.  

I had so much fun leading the children in making salvation bracelets and teaching them how to share the gospel with others. Kendra then led the children in song and telling them the story of Jesus feeding the 5,000. Next, Kelli facilitated a chain activity, walking the children through several Bible passages that instructed how we are to conduct ourselves as Christians. The kids were so attentive- it was delightful to be with them again. 

While we were at the school, Joe and Ben spent an hour with Andrea and Becky who live in the house next door to the school. They asked all kinds of questions about their lives, learning about the daily happenings of village life: cooking, hunting, fishing, etc. (in Boom Creek there is no electricity because of how remote the village is). Then they prayed with Andrea- it was the high point of Joe’s day. 

Joe and Nate are sitting at the front of the church in Boom Creek

 After our school visit, we went to the village church. Together we prayed for revival in Boom Creek and throughout the Toledo District. We interceded on behalf of the pastors and teachers we’ve met. It was a sweet time of prayer. Just as we were getting ready to leave, Pastor Santos arrived! We were able to chat with him a bit and lay hands on him and pray. 

We then traveled back to the Training Center for lunch and a respite from the brutal heat. I think today was the first day the heat really got to me. But all of us felt pretty wilted after being in 95 degrees and 85% humidity with little breeze for most of the morning. The air conditioning was a much appreciated blessing at the Training Center. So after a rest, we headed to Blue Creek for a swim. I hadn’t been there for 15 years- I’m so glad we went today. We walked about a mile under the canopy of the jungle to reach Blue Creek. 

The area is now a popular zip line destination and so a large portion of the trail is rough cement and crushed stone. We had to go beyond the fancy, tiny cottages to reach the cave that is the source to the creek. 

At this point we were really hiking through the jungle!  But we remained steadfast on the rocky trail until we reached a fantastic swimming hole… 

The water was cool and pristine- the perfect way to cool down after a hot day. We had a great time swimming over to the waterfall, getting a natural massage under it, climbing up the rocks and jumping back in again. IT was a great time of fellowship and team building as we encouraged each other to try something new and helped each other reach the goal: whether hiking through snake infested jungle, helping a teammate climb up a small waterfall, or jumping into the water from a height.  It was a good gift from the Lord.

This is the day that the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.  – Psalm 118:24
Blessings from Belize,



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