Yesterday the Belize Training Center hosted the first Healthy Church Conference. Mr. Bob personally invited many local, indigenous pastors and their families to come. Planning for the event was a challenge because we had no way of knowing how many would attend and what their backgrounds, knowledge level, skills or needs would be. Bob has expressed concern for the church in Belize that seems to be a familiarity with Jesus, but a lack of depth in faith. The conference was planned in hopes that we could come alongside the pastor’s and their families, solidify the foundation of our faith, and help to equip them for the work God has called them to.  

 Our church has been using a curriculum called “Growing in Christ” to teach a new believers class. Our team brought the first part of that curriculum, called “Lessons on Assurance” as the basis for our teaching times. Joe, Bob and Kevin worked with the men. Lilia, Rhonda and I worked with the women. Kendra and Nate worked with the teens. And Kelli and Ben rocked the day with the precious young kids. 

I really enjoyed the day with these lovely women. Some read, some do not. Some are only months old in their faith, some have been walking with Christ for years. Some have knowledge about spiritual things, but haven’t quite made that heart connection yet. Regardless, they were patient and kind toward one another, respectful of each other’s needs. From what they tell me, that is not a “normal” Beliezean response. For example, there are stories of one farmer having success and his neighbors destroy his crops because if they live in poverty, he must live in poverty, too. This is not the attitude I saw yesterday. These women were filled with the love of Christ for each other. 

Please pray for (l to r) Darla, Betsy, Erma, Marta, (Lilia from our team), Bridget, and Othelia

One really exciting part of the day for Joe and I was seeing Peter, who we had met the previous day at the cafe, bring his family to the conference. It was a joy to know that God had appointed our meeting him on Friday with the purpose of bringing him to the conference on Saturday. Below is a picture of Joe and I with Peter, his wife Marta, and five of their six children. 


The day ended with some relaxed time as team sitting in the shade, cooling in the warm wind. Followed by a delicious dinner at Asha’s, eating seafood over the ocean. I am really loving this time with our team and getting to know these lovely people better. I am blessed. Thank you, Lord. 


Blessings to you all on this day the Lord has made. Let us all rejoice and be glad in it… together!

Love, Trisha

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