The day began at 2:45…..AM!! By 3:20am Kevin and Kendra picked us up and we headed to the airport. We were joined by the rest of the team at the airport by 4:30am and by 6am, we were headed to Atlanta. Praise God! Our travel went very smoothly today- no hiccups whatsoever. It was really fun to watch Kelli and Ben see Belize from the plane for the first time. 

The haven’t flown since they were young, and were gifted their “wings” by our first pilot.😊 

Once we arrived in Belize, we jumped onto a small puddle jumper , 12 seat plane from Belize City and flew to Punta Gorda- the nearest city to the Belize Training Center.  

 The ride was a little bumpy upon take off and landing because of the high winds today, but at 4,000 ft, it’s a gorgeous view of the country. 


We were greeted with smiles and hugs by Bob Farley at the airport, and after a quick lunch in Punta Gorda, we headed to the training center to unpack and prepare for the weekend’s pastor’s conference. We worked on teaching prep, gift bags, and cleaning. 


Thank you to everyone who donated items for the trip! We are looking forward to showering those we encounter with God’s great love!

Sweet dreams!!❤️


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